PVC items Specification Temperature for constant use ℃ Drawing intensity Mpa Rupturing extending rate  % Insulation KV/mm Fire proof performance Use
Fire proof pipe Ф1-Ф25 -5~+105 15 200 20 Put out as soon as depart from fire Domestic appliance
Cold-resistant pipe Ф1-Ф25 -30~+80 15 200 20 / Wiring harness
Ordinary transparent pipe Ф1-Ф38 -3~+85 15 200 20 / Sleeve pipe, electron , wiring harness of electric apparatus
Ordinary color pipe Ф1-Ф38 -3~+85 15 150 20 / Lock making
Ethylene dark fittings turning on piece for automobile
printing words pipe
packing box with various specifications for electronic products
Black PVC pipe
Red PVC pipe
Transparent PVC PS pipe
 polyethylene pipe (under 3 feet)
Color PVC sleeve pipe series(4mm-14mm)
Cold-resistanthigh temperature-resistantfireproof,printing word pipes
  resist high temperature tupe 105℃-130℃